Matrix International Wholesale division provides international mobile communication services specifically designed for bulk buyers - such as mobile rental companies, event organisers and telecom vendors. We provide a complete range of voice and data solutions that are flexible and designed to fit your business needs and budget. Our products include - country specific post and prepaid sim cards, esim cards, bootstrap IMSIs, IMSI profiles for over the air activations and bulk data sim cards.

We have redefined the traditional role of a wholesaler from a supplier to a true partner. All our solutions are tailor-made to meet our partners’ requirements. We also collaborate with our partners to identify sales opportunities and improve product marketability and profitability.

Why choose us rather than going to a Mobile Network?

Seamless coverage: Matrix provides country-specific post-pay SIM cards for more than 30 networks around the world. We have direct relationships with our network partners which makes us the one stop solution for all your telecom requirements. We act as a single supplier for multiple countries giving you the advantage of dealing with one service provider rather than dealing with multiple networks.

Reducing your procurement cost: Dealing with various international networks is a time-consuming process and can take several months with possibly no result at the end. Matrix covers the complete aspect of purchase and supply chain management.

Low tariffs: Thanks to our expertise in bulk buying we can negotiate for really low tariffs with the networks. This allows you to keep a control on your cost and improve your margins. Traffic volume is also regularly analysed to establish destination-specific rates, thus lowering costs to your home country.

Flexibility: We understand the cyclic nature of our industry.  Where possible we will offer you flexibility on contract length, minimum order quantity and revenue commitment. We will provide you with SIM cards for as long as you need them, whether it is for a special event, a specific client or a seasonal requirement. All these benefits will give you the advantage of keeping your inventory costs really low.

Comprehensive and free billing: Matrix offers you the facility of providing daily billing details for some of its major networks. Invoice details along with detailed call records will be available online or can be uploaded on to your servers as well.

Excellent Customer support: Matrix offers you 24X7 customer support and technical assistance to meet all your requirements. Apart from this, we also have dedicated account managers to take care of all your queries and requirements.

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