We provide International SIM cards, eSIMs for International Travel, Foreign Exchange and Travel Insurance at the best price and convenience to the travellers

Travelling abroad ?
Data plans available upto 25 GB!

Unlimited data available for Students

Convenient Recharges

International SIM Cards

Unlimited WhatsApp calling with high speed data

Uninterrupted local calls abroad and back home

Save huge cost on international roaming

Convenience of free home delivery

Optional Airport Pickup or Last mile Airport Pickup


No need to swap sim cards

No need to look for a physical store

Scan and Start

Travel Insurance

Customised for Leisure , Business and Education related Travel 

Covers Medical Expenses : Cashless and Reimbursement 

Covers Travel related inconveniences

Covers 1 day old child to our senior most citizens 

Australia Student Health Cover also available

Underwritten by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited.

Forex Services

Products we offer:

Currency Notes

Prepaid Forex Cards

Send Money Abroad

Forex For Students

Application Fee Remittance

Tuition Fee Payment

Payment via Flywire

Forex Travel card

Forex for Personal / Living expenses 

From the people
From the people
I was planning to travel to the US for a long vacation. I was very confused while selecting the SIM. One of my cousins suggested buying Matrix SIM. And it turns out to be a very good choice. It has strong signals almost everywhere. Also, it lets me be connected with my loved ones without worrying about burning a hole in my pocket.
— Sarvishtha
From the people
I used a Matrix SIM card for an event streaming in Greece. Worked seamlessly and without ant network issues.Highly recommend for working professionals flying abroad frequently.
— Garima